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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Samples Time!

Samples time, and already I've decided not to do the Potato Bread, I'm keeping it simple, 2 savoury and 2 sweet. And I might slip in a slice of Sourdough as well, just to show that I can.

So I started by making Millie's ferment for her weekly order, that's a nice feeling, to have regular orders, it gives me a base to work from.

Millie's Ferment

The Onion and Herb doughs are pretty basic, and I've done them many times, but the Chocolate is a more recent thing, I use Green and Blacks Cocoa and Cadbury Milk Chocolates in the mix. Here it is before mixing,

All done (except the biscuits) by 0800, so I've put the coffee on, theres a lot of waiting around in baking, and I find it difficult as I'm impatient, but now theres nothing I can do until 0900, then I'm shaping and proving, and probably stressing!

I will make the biscuits whilst the others are proving, and they can rest as the rolls are baking.

Having a small oven is no barrier to producing lots of baked goods, al you need to do is work out a plan, which makes everything in order and provides a stream of things ready to go in as the last one comes out. I also don't bother too much about the temperature in the oven, I just put it on max and use a timer, set to a couple of minutes less than the time I think it needs.

A temperature probe is also useful, and much better than a thermostat in the corner of the oven, if the breads are above 95 degrees C in the middle, then the gluten is set and the bread is done. The rest is just colouring.

So here are the doughs,

Cheese and Onion, ready to roll

Cheese and Onion, rolled

Cheese and Onion, cut


It's now 1030 and the baking is complete, it all went smoothly, except the choc chips melted somewhat, but apart from that, the taste panel (Yvonne) reckons it's mission accomplished.

And here they are, in no particular order we have,


Cheese Roll

Another Cheese Roll


Close up Biscuit

Chocolate Roll

Up Close
Now it's just a case of getting them in the bag and taking them down, wish me luck.

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