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Well Bread! is a small supplier of Artisan Breads and baked goods, local to Brixham in glorious South Devon.
We specialise in Organic Sourdoughs, made with Spelt and Rye, as well as Sweet and Savoury Rolls, Ciabatta and Focaccia.
We also make savoury snacks in a variety of flavours.
Yvonne and Richard hope you enjoy our products, available at selected locations in Torbay.
If you do, tell your friends so that we can grow. If you don't, please tell us, so that we can improve. Call on 07791 058070 or email at wellbread.brixham@gmail.com

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Final Flourish

So this is the end of my mega baking spell,
the results are in:-

80 Ciabatta Rolls,
10 Cheese and Onion Rolls
10 Tomato and Cheese Rolls
2 Spelt Loaves
2 Soda Bread
2 Sourdough Loaves.

I'm back to the day job for a rest, before it all starts again on Monday, heres a picture of the last batch cooling.

and some of Yvonnes Shortbread ready to deliver.


Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Super Tuesday etc etc Part 2

So here we are again, another early start, and I have now done the Cheese and Onion, Cheese and Tomato and Olive Rolls for West Country Deli, proudly displayed on my new rack.

As you can see, I did two types of Olive Roll, the convnetional and the flatbread, for tearing and dipping, so we'll see which (if any) they go for. Just the biscuits and 30 Seeded Ciabatta to do now, and we're ready to deliver.

I hadn't done biscuits in my new oven, so watched them for the whole 9 minutes to make sure they didn't burn.

The results were worth it,

 and doing the Ciabatta was easy, doing 30 after batches of 40 almost seemed like a rest.

So now we're off to deliver, and see how they like the samples. I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Super Tuesday into Wednesday (and Thursday) Part 1

Today was the start of the couple of days that I had been dreading, so much so that I didn't get a lot of sleep last night.

I had 40 Ciabatta Rolls and 4 loaves to make in the morning and deliver, then a whole host of prep to do for Weds morning, when I have to do 20 assorted Cheese rolls, samples of Olive bread and Biscuits, and another 30 Ciabatta. And on thursday, I have more Ciabatta and Sourdough to make.

 Oh yes and Yvonne is making shortbread as well.

Yesterday (Monday) I made the ferments for the first 40 Ciabatta, and this morning I made the doughs,

adding 150g of chopped mixed Olives to one batch (2600g)

I left them to rise whilst I baked the Spelt and Soda Breads for Oats, who were advertising in the window last night,

and then shaped the rolls. They are for a BBQ at Millie and Me over the weeekend,

and I used my new space saving rack to prove and then cool the rolls.

I think they came out looking rather nice.

We will have to go to the BBQ and see if we can buy some of them,back! Suitably filled with chicken or a burger.

Meanwhile, Yvonnes Shortbread is looking amazing, I feel a cup of tea and a sample coming on.

Don't miss tomorrows update on the rest of my baking this week.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

To busy to post

Success is a double edged thing, I want to be successful, but I don't want to be sobusythat I have no time to enjoy the fruits of my success.

Hence the lack of posting over the last week.I have been starting my baking day at 5 nearly every morning, and have had to escae to my real job? for a lie in (0630). Here's how it went:-

Monday, 2 Spelt loaves and 2 Soda bread for Oats,
Tuesday, Day off,( brought supplies) but found time to make a loaf for myself, pick blackberries and make 12lb of Blackberry Jam
Wednesday, started Ciabatta ferment,
Thursday, Made 40 Ciabatta and 20 Cheese rolls, started Sourdough ferment
Friday, made sourdough and 10 cheese rolls, came to work.

And next week looks like more of the same, I have Spelt and Soda loaves to do, Sourdough, 80 Ciabatta, 20 Cheese rolls, Olive Focaccia and American Biscuits. Don't forget that Monday is a Bank Holiday. Then back to the day job on Thursday. Not that I'm complaining, but I need a bigger oven, and an assistant.

Heres a couple of random pictures of last weeks efforts.

Spelt Loaf with Soda Bread in the background 
One for Me! Sourdough of course

Friday, 16 August 2013

A Busy week

Here's the crumb of the Malted Grain loaf, this was a sample for Oats, as they had a customer who had asked for one. Unfortunately it wasn't quite what he was looking for, but I hope it found a good home.

And here are the part baked Ciabatta for Oats, the darker are Organic Spelt, and the light ones Organic white. They finish them off in the cafe attached to the shop, creating a wonderful aroma.

Next item was the roll order for West Country Deli, and Onion Seed Ciabatta for Millie. She has increased the order from 30 a week to 40, so they are obviously going down well.
Good news on that front, Millie and Me has been short-listed for a South Devon Tourism and Hospitality award, in the Taste of the Riviera Cafe/Tea Room category.
It goes without saying that it feels good to be involved in their success, it will be a nervous wait until the decision, in October.They will be 'Mystery Shopped' in the near future, good luck to them.

Back to the rolls, in addition to the Cheese and Onion and Cheese and Tomato, I'm trying a couple of new flavours. I mentioned them briefly last time, and made up a small batch of each to test. First was Cheese and Chorizo,
Chopped Chorizo

Followed by Beef Sausage and Horseradish.

Sausage and Horseradish
I made spirals of the Chorizo, and here they are.

The others came out without faces on this time

The Chorizo was a little pale, maybe I'll put a little Pimenton in next time to give it a tint.

And the sausage looked OK, but again, may need a tweak, it tasted bland, but I can always add more sauce next time, Horseradish is a bit like Marmite, and I don't want to blow anyones ears off!

Close up of Chorizo roll
I think after all that effort it's time for a rest, only till Monday, when it all starts again.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A New Loaf

A new loaf is born, after requests, I have done a Malted Brown Multigrain for Oats, topped with Organic Mixed Seeds, see how they like that!
 It looks at home with its Soda and Spelt friends, ready for delivery today.

I have 64 Ciabatta to make over the next 48 hours, thats 24 Organic for Oats and 40 Onion Seeded for Millie: GULP, and I haven't been in touch with the West Country Deli yet, to see if they want any Cheese Rolls. I just hope that they don't want them all with faces on.

Spot the face, Middle Right!

some say its Hannibal Lector, or it could be based on someone I once met?

Friday, 9 August 2013


So I delivered the rolls to the West Country Deli, and went on to Millie and Me with the Ciabatta.

I had a cup of coffee and a chat in there, and returned to WCD to find the rolls on sale, some had already gone!

Jo kindly put a picture up on Facebook,


and I include it here,

Thanks for all the comments and 'Likes', I just hope you enjoy the rolls.

I'm working on new flavours, Beef and Horseradish, or Cheese and Chorizo maybe?

Running out of Room

I got back from my day job, and as promised phoned around.

The West Country Deli now want 20 rolls, 10 each of the Cheese and Onion and the Cheese Tomato and Garlic. Apparantly the last lot sold out really quickly, I think I memtioned it last time, so high hopes for this lot.
It will be an early start, as I have 30 Ciabatta to do for Millie as well, I do hope the mixer doesn't wake the neighbours.

And in all that, I must make a loaf for myself as well.
Anyway, early start as usual, and the Rolls looked good,

Cheese and Onion

Cheese and Onion

Cheese, Tomato and Garlic

Cheese, Tomato and Garlic

and so did the Wholemeal loaf for us,

Then of course, there were the 30 Ciabatta, a logistical nightmare, as there are 8 trays of them, and only three fit in the oven each time.

Once again, a triumph. I'm off to deliver, it's been a long day and its only 9 am.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Guess What

I delivered the 10 rolls to West Country Deli at 10 am
At 1.15, as I was just taking the dog out for a walk, I had a text "Only 1 left, definitely ordering more"


A New Customer

And I hope its the start of a long relationship.

Today is my first order for the West Countery Deli, a new place in Brixham.
I took some samples in a while ago and they have agreed to try a batch of the Cheese and Onion Rolls, to see if they sell.

As usual, there is the mad panic to get everything right, but as usual (I have made these a hundred times)  it all comes together nicely.

A selling point is that the rolls use local cheese, and the bonus is that I usually get a couple of bonus rolls from the ends of the dough.

As the oven was on, I made a Wholemeal Cob for us, although over the next few days we are out and about a bit. It will keep for a good three days, and still be OK for toast a day after that.

I have to make Oats order on Monday, and some things for my customers in Gravesend, so I can double up on quantities and have some for us.

Whilst I was delivering, I noticed that Oats have a sign up outside,