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Well Bread! is a small supplier of Artisan Breads and baked goods, local to Brixham in glorious South Devon.
We specialise in Organic Sourdoughs, made with Spelt and Rye, as well as Sweet and Savoury Rolls, Ciabatta and Focaccia.
We also make savoury snacks in a variety of flavours.
Yvonne and Richard hope you enjoy our products, available at selected locations in Torbay.
If you do, tell your friends so that we can grow. If you don't, please tell us, so that we can improve. Call on 07791 058070 or email at wellbread.brixham@gmail.com

Saturday, 29 August 2015

The Week Part Two

Sunday morning and I awoke to find my baguette dough had risen overnight and was quite bubbly,

 I put the oven on to heat up to 300°C with stones,

I turned the dough out and pre-shaped it,

finally rolling into skinny baguettes, I actually made four, in two moulds.

After 40 minutes the oven was hot and they were ready, I slashed them (I'm rubbish at this!)

and baked with steam for 25 minutes,

They looked good when I turned them out,

the crumb was a bit close, maybe a bit longer second rise next time, but the taste was nice.

The week Part One

Another busy week here, 35 loaves and 20 Teacakes. Also 8 Burger Buns as a trial, more about them later.

I treated myself to some new dough mixing boxes, the others were getting old and the plastic had become brittle and scratched from repeated washing. The new ones are 15 litre from Wilko and I'm pleased, they are high sided so no more splashing my feet and big enough on the base to turn dough inside them. Also they have no ridges inside for dough to stick to, it makes cleaning up so much easier. There's room for 6 kilo's of dough in them as well.

 I made lots of the usual suspects this week, yeasted Spelt plus Sourdough in White, Wholemeal, Rye and Spelt. When I delivered on Friday, orders were already coming in for next week. At least Monday is a holiday, it means I can have a day off.

Yeasted Spelt rising

Rye Sourdough

Spelt and Oatmeal Sourdough

Spelt Sourdough

Wholemeal Sourdough 

White Sourdough
And then there were the teacakes, Vegan and Organic and blooming lovely!

And the trial of the burger buns, I made my usual yeasted spelt mix and split it after the first prove. The rolls are 110g each, just about right for a burger. 

Ready to Rise


Last but not least I started Sourdough Baguettes on Saturday morning, mixing and folding the dough. I will leave it in the fridge for 24 hours and finish it off on Sunday.

Ready for a sleep
And lastly, I got some frozen Sourdough Digestive Biscuit dough from the freezer yesterday and rolled, cut and baked this morning. All ready for our cup of Coffee at 10.

I'll be back tomorrow to tell you how the Baguettes turned out. Have a great weekend.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Busy Week (Again)

I seem to be getting busier each week, I'm not sure if that is a good thing although I shouldn't complain, but I brought a second oven because I couldn't keep up with one and now I can't keep up with two.

Of course it's not just the oven, it's all the things that go with it, tins and trays, SPACE and cooling racks.

Anyway, Monday saw me make 6 Spelt Tin loaves for Oats,

As you can see I actually made 7, if I don't make an extra one every now and again, we never have any bread in the house! I also started 30 Panini for Millie and got my sourdoughs fed for Tuesdays baking.

On Tuesday I made the 30 Panini plus some Beetroot and Cheese Bread for Millie. Also I made some of the Sourdough Chocolate and Orange Cookies that have gone down quite well there, in fact my third batch in less than a month.

Tuesday afternoon was the time to mix and fold my Sourdoughs for Oats Wednesday delivery, this week 8 Spelt, 3 Spelt and Oatmeal, 2 Rye and some Sourdough White Rolls, this time flavoured with Pine Nuts and with Seeds. (Pumpkin and Sunflower mixed)

All these were baked on Wednesday morning, along with some Spelt Crumpets, to make up the order.

Wednesday afternoon I prepared Sourdoughs for Thursday, Spelt, White and Wholemeal.

Thursday afternoon was spent getting the doughs mixed, folded and ready for their
overnight rise.

I also grated butter ready to make Sourdough Scones on Friday morning, together with more Yeasted Spelt Tin Loaves. Grated butter incorporates much better, straight from the freezer. I buy blocks and grate into portions for each batch of scones, freezing in bags.

Friday morning, I baked the Wholemeal,

then the White,

and then the Spelt Sourdough, scattered among the others.

Lastly some Sourdough Scones, Fruit and Plain.

Not a bad weeks work, all I have to do now is deliver these, then I can get ready for Mondays order.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Quiet Thursday

A straight copy of the post on my bread blog today, just in case you don't read both. (And WHY NOT!!!!) I put it there as well as I thought it would interest everyone, not just the Bread-heads.

This morning I had no bread to bake at 5am. I did have a couple of jobs to prepare for though, the starters for the Sourdough that I will make this afternoon needed feeding, to bring them to the peak of activity when I mix the dough.

When I refreshed them last night, I had some left to discard. Now as I hate waste, I used a mixture of the Wholemeal and Spelt ones together with some beer to make a batter.

Actually I used 150g starter, 100g Flour, 150g beer and a good pinch of salt.

I heated Olive Oil in a pan on my Induction Hob (these are wonderful, you set the temperature and it never varies, great for frying) and got started.

I had brought a large Onion yesterday and it made good sized rings.

They are in the freezer now (less some quality control) and will be reheated on Sunday with our Steak.

Also, largely because I can't keep still, I did what I have been meaning to do for ages. I had brought some Green Tea powder after reading somewhere that it flavours bread and biscuits.

I decided to make a white loaf, yeasted this time but with some of the white sourdough starter discard to add to the taste.

I proved the dough in my oven, in steam, for an hour and it rose beautifully.

Just a standard mix, 500g Flour, 10g each of Yeast and Salt, 330g water and 20g Oil. Not forgetting 5g of the powder. Plus 80g of starter. Kneaded for 8 minutes on speed 1 in my Kenwood.

I shaped it and put it in a tin to rise again for 45 minutes whilst the oven warmed up.

then a quick cut on top and it went into a 220°C oven for 40 minutes, again with steam.

And here it is.

You can't really see the green tinge in these, it looks a bit interesting, a bit like something from a 1970's dinner party. If I had a Geiger counter I would wave it over the loaf.

I think you get the idea.

And after it had cooled and I cut a slice, all was revealed.

And the taste? Well there was a hint of tea in the background, maybe next time a touch more powder.