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Saturday, 8 August 2015

A treat for Hugh (Hopefully)

Now I'm not normally given to flights of fancy, well not in baking anyway- check out my novels for that!

But I'm excited today because I'm making something that will go to the famous River Cottage next weekend. And who knows, it may even tickle H-F-W's fancy.

I'm referring to my Sourdough Crackers or Savoury Morsels to be precise. Suus at Honest Foods uses them for sampling her delicious Pesto, Chutneys and Sauces. And they are seriously good stuff, check out her website, http://www.honest-foods.co.uk/ and here are the morsels on her stall at Totnes Good Food Market.

I have to make a kilogram of the things for her today, in two sizes.

Of course, as they are a sourdough cracker I'm going to need some sourdough starter. I'm using a mixture of Spelt and White with a dash of Rye, a total of 600 g of the stuff. At 100% hydration that's 300g each of flour and water. Next I need to add flour, more water, some Olive Oil and a pinch of Salt.

The recipe is:-

600g Sourdough Starter
500g Wholemeal Flour
160g Good quality Olive Oil
200g Water
7g Salt.

Give it all a mix and then rest the dough for 30 minutes to fully hydrate the flour.

It needs to be rolled thin, I generally use a sheet of floured parchment to do this.

Next I've drawn lines on a second sheet, so that I get the right sizes. Its just a bit of a guide as I want the crackers to be Artisan in appearance but roughly even. She wants big ones in the packets and smaller ones for samples.

Anyhow roll to about 2mm thick and cut using a pizza Wheel along the lines. 

Meanwhile heat the oven to 175°C and set up the shelves.

I bake the crackers on silicon mesh, turning after 10 minutes to remove the parchment. This bit is always fun as they can (and have) gone all over the floor. You just have to be quick and confident.

They are done when they are crisp, around 20 - 30 minutes.

After cooling I need to bag up, the small in bulk and the large in labelled bags.

And here they are, 

I hope they go down well.

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