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Friday, 21 August 2015

Busy Week (Again)

I seem to be getting busier each week, I'm not sure if that is a good thing although I shouldn't complain, but I brought a second oven because I couldn't keep up with one and now I can't keep up with two.

Of course it's not just the oven, it's all the things that go with it, tins and trays, SPACE and cooling racks.

Anyway, Monday saw me make 6 Spelt Tin loaves for Oats,

As you can see I actually made 7, if I don't make an extra one every now and again, we never have any bread in the house! I also started 30 Panini for Millie and got my sourdoughs fed for Tuesdays baking.

On Tuesday I made the 30 Panini plus some Beetroot and Cheese Bread for Millie. Also I made some of the Sourdough Chocolate and Orange Cookies that have gone down quite well there, in fact my third batch in less than a month.

Tuesday afternoon was the time to mix and fold my Sourdoughs for Oats Wednesday delivery, this week 8 Spelt, 3 Spelt and Oatmeal, 2 Rye and some Sourdough White Rolls, this time flavoured with Pine Nuts and with Seeds. (Pumpkin and Sunflower mixed)

All these were baked on Wednesday morning, along with some Spelt Crumpets, to make up the order.

Wednesday afternoon I prepared Sourdoughs for Thursday, Spelt, White and Wholemeal.

Thursday afternoon was spent getting the doughs mixed, folded and ready for their
overnight rise.

I also grated butter ready to make Sourdough Scones on Friday morning, together with more Yeasted Spelt Tin Loaves. Grated butter incorporates much better, straight from the freezer. I buy blocks and grate into portions for each batch of scones, freezing in bags.

Friday morning, I baked the Wholemeal,

then the White,

and then the Spelt Sourdough, scattered among the others.

Lastly some Sourdough Scones, Fruit and Plain.

Not a bad weeks work, all I have to do now is deliver these, then I can get ready for Mondays order.

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