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Well Bread! is a small supplier of Artisan Breads and baked goods, local to Brixham in glorious South Devon.
We specialise in Organic Sourdoughs, made with Spelt and Rye, as well as Sweet and Savoury Rolls, Ciabatta and Focaccia.
We also make savoury snacks in a variety of flavours.
Yvonne and Richard hope you enjoy our products, available at selected locations in Torbay.
If you do, tell your friends so that we can grow. If you don't, please tell us, so that we can improve. Call on 07791 058070 or email at wellbread.brixham@gmail.com

Sunday 30 June 2013

Cherry and Vanilla Focaccia

After making the poolish yesterday,

it had calmed down a lile this morning, and seperated into a liquid  and a sludge, with tiny bubbles.
So I added the rest of the ingredients, more flour, salt, butter and vanilla sugar and I gave it a fast mix in the machine, waking up the neighbours (half 7 on sunday morning OOps!).
It then had to rise for 2 hours, being folded every 30 minutes.

In the end it rose up well,

Before folding for the first time

After two folds, 30 minutes apart

folding seems to be a really effective way of working dough.
Anyhow I topped with chopped cherries (not my own, they are still green) and a bit more vanilla sugar.

As you can see, it has risen spectacularly, I will spread it out a little before I bake it.

And after 25 minutes in the oven, here it is, It's caught a bit at the edge,and a couple of cherries fell off, but  it tastes superb.

Saturday 29 June 2013

Italian Evening

My next order is for Millie and Me, who are having an Italian evening, I have seen on Facebook the pictures of the Tomatoes slow-roasting, now all I have to do is provide the Bread.

So I'm doing a Herb Focaccia, A mixed Olive Focaccia and some Ciabatta. I made the pre-ferment yesterday morning, so now have to do the rest.


Chopped Olives

Olive dough to Prove

Also I have Oats Sourdough to get started, I have the starter out of the fridge warming up, I will feed it and get it going later.

I have also made a start on a Cherry and Vanilla sweetbread, with a very runny poolish,

Leave for 24 hours 

I can finish it off tomorrow.

The Ciabatta has risen, compare with the picture above!

and has made 4 good loaves,

Also the Focaccia dough has done its thing, and is shaped and ready to bake,

The oven is on, time for a coffee.

And here they are,

first the Ciabatta,

and then the Focaccia,

Off to deliver them after lunch.

Wednesday 19 June 2013


Hows this for delivery, 230 miles for 10 Ciabatta. Let me explain.

When I lived in Kent,I used to bake bread for people at my workplace, but when I moved to Devon I called a halt to it, after all it was a long way, and difficult to align the shifts.
Then as a special favour to a colleague, I baked some sourdough and brought it up. Others got wind of the delivery and I got ambushed.

Next I was eating one of my Ciabatta at work and was asked to do some (Well actually he asked for one roll but I can't do that) so we did a deal and he can freeze the rest. Word spread so I have 10 more to do for Monday.
This on top of the Sourdough and Soda Bread order for Oats on Monday, and the 30 Ciabatta for Saturday. The cafe is taking off now so I have hopes for regular orders.

Fortunately, my new oven is performing well, and it's fortunate that I got it when i did.

Sourdough Proving
I can now get an extra rack in, which has speeded things up a bit.

Friday 14 June 2013

Oats update

It's time for a bit of self promotion.
Here is the facebook entry for my ciabatta, I'm rather proud of this;  you can see the original at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oats/575559045803659?hc_location=timeline


creating panini ideas at the moment as a near-future addition in our cafe. We will be using locally made artisan ciabatta by Richard Dockett of Wellbread as the base.

What's your favourite filling???

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Oats thank you, we have devised a list for tailor making the paninis, including roasted veg, various cheeses, my-made hummous, pesto and lots more. Mostly all organic we are aiming for 'all' asap. All veggie, humble apologies to those who like it meatier, but I hope we can create something exciting and tasty without! Oh and the bread is fantastic, and good news to those of you who prefer spelt, Richard is experimenting on our behalf to make this happen. I think we will be the only cafe in town offering organic spelt (even possibly wholemeal) options :) Thank you Richard!


Dizzyplanet jewellery mozzarella and tomato


Cath Ford Roasted veg!


Beryl Roseblade Yum ... ham or bacon and camembert cheese :)



we can now offer whole spelt paninis, thank you Richard for making this bread for us, it works well and is blooming lovely!

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and the advert from the door;

I'm rather pleased with myself.

Monday 10 June 2013


As I said before, I do like to push the boundaries a bit, such as the cheese and onion roll, or the chocolate bread, so Sally at Oats asking for a Spelt Ciabatta was music to my ears.

I had a play over the weekend, using a combination of Wholemeal and White Spelt flours, and this is what I came up with. I think that they look quite rustic.


My new Sourdough prooving  method seems to produce a loaf with a looser crumb, we will have to see what the customers think.

Friday 7 June 2013

High Tech

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I have few pictures to show you this time.
However I can tell you what has happened.
So I did the Ciabatta for Oats,

and they went down very well, at least they must have, because I got a message to do 30 more.
Slight panic, as that means a 5.30 start, but in the end I managed to get it all done, it's a lot easier with the new oven, the temperature is more even, so I can put three trays in and not have to be constantly moving them around.

Also I found a new method for the Spelt sourdough, which seems to give a better rise, I did a test loaf and it came out better than the old way, I suspect it's a combination of the oven and the method, but I will be doing that for next weeks Monday order.