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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Serendipity, Cider Bread and Digestive Biscuits

Several cases of Serendipity this week.

I found a recipe in a Nigel Slater book for bread made with Milk and Cider, sounds like my sort of thing I thought, rather eerily I then found a bottle of Bays Cider in the local shop, "buy me" it screamed so I did, and now of course I must marry the two.

Bays, incidentally is a local brewer, the Beers are fantastic so I'm sure the Cider will be. http://baysbrewery.co.uk/

Back to the bread, if you've seen the book you will know it uses Spelt and White flour, with the Milk and Cider to get a distinctive flavour.

Well that was the 5am job today, and after following the recipe (not one of my strong points) I ended up with this,

I think my oven must be on a slope because all my loaves seem to have risen more at one end, while I wait for it to cool I can tell you about my next project.

I'm always looking for a use for my sourdough starter discard, and I found online a recipe for Sourdough Digestive Biscuits that looked like a good way of using it up. Funnily enough I then saw an idea for the same thing on Facebook, and on another website that I hadn't seen before.  I expect I'll keep finding it everywhere now.

Anyhow after all that prompting, I thought I'd better have a go, they came out rather well, maybe a bit more salt next time, but they were so good that I experimented with a few chocolate covered ones as well.

Maybe the chocolate was a bit thick, but who's counting. There's none left so that should tell you something.
The Cider bread has cooled a bit, so its time to take a look, nice open crumb,

and of course a taste, its slightly caramel and sweet, it would be nice with cheese, its a pity you can't smell it from the blog.

So with all the co-incidence, I still haven't done the things I intended to do, but that'll be a job for next week. Unless something better comes along.

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