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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

New Flavours

After the success of the Caraway and Fennel breads, I'm on a roll. (so to speak!)

So I've been thinking about new flavours to try, along with my Chief Tester and the unsung hero of Well Bread!, I refer of course to Yvonne. She has given me so many ideas and suggestions over the last couple of years, and her ideas are 99% brilliant.

We spent a while in thought and after looking around the offerings at the small market in Newton Abbot today, and noticed that Beetroot bread was on sale, I made Beetroot bread about a year ago and nobody really liked it, looks like once again I was ahead of the trend. (or maybe someone did like it after all and had a go?) 

Anyway, I digress; The flavour that caught my imagination was Carrot and Coriander, I spotted it online in several places within a few hours so I decided that it was a hint to do my own version.

There is a caution with this one though, as carrots are about 70-80% water you have to adjust the quantities to take account of this. In the same way that you do with the Beetroot bread, if you leave the water the same the dough is really wet and hard to shape. My plan is to allow half the carrot as water and see how we go. With the coriander in there as well, the idea is to make a kind of solid soup and a roll. Maybe a meal in one.

I started off with 200 g of grated Carrot,

10 g of chopped fresh Coriander,

475g Wholemeal Flour, 270 ml water, 10 g each of Yeast and Salt and 100g of Sourdough starter. Oh yes, 15 g of Dark Brown sugar.

Then just make it like ordinary bread.

After Kneading

After bulk rise


Proved, (bit wonky, don't know why?)



Close up of carrot.

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