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Saturday, 26 September 2015

A New Loaf

After the success of the Spelt Sourdough Baguette, I was asked to do something a bit lighter.
My answer was the White Spelt Sourdough Baguette. The first one contained 50% each of White and Wholemeal Spelt flour, the new was 100% White Spelt apart from 25g of Wholemeal flour for the starter. (After building the starter and then the dough, I used 700g of flour so 4% Wholemeal flour)

I made and baked as usual (just like last weeks photos) and the result was about the same, to my surprise. I thought they would be lighter, perhaps I'll try less time in the fridge next week, if there is an order.
Here's what they looked like, no interior shot as they were all sold, perhaps next week I'll make an extra one for me and try it.

In the background you can see some Spelt Sourdough loaves, part of the usual Friday bake for Oats. I also made White and Wholemeal Sourdoughs for Galleons Stores and Pro-Performance as usual.

Biggest job this week was 1.5kg of Sourdough Morsels for Honest Foods of Ipplepen. They make superior Chutneys and Pesto and use my morsels for sampling. I make two sizes, a small one for samples and a larger one which I supply bagged so people who like the samples can buy a bag.

It took me a while to cut them, bake them and bag them up,

They are well travelled now, Totnes Good Food Market, River Cottage Food Fairs and now Weston-Super-Mare Food Festival. I believe they are also off to Powderham Castle next week.

My next project is to make a high protein pizza base, I will use White Sourdough starter and add Pea Protein powder instead of more flour to boost it's protein percentage. I'll let you know next time how I get on.

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  1. Wonderful! There is nothing more heartwarming and delicious as freshly baked bread.