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Well Bread! is a small supplier of Artisan Breads and baked goods, local to Brixham in glorious South Devon.
We specialise in Organic Sourdoughs, made with Spelt and Rye, as well as Sweet and Savoury Rolls, Ciabatta and Focaccia.
We also make savoury snacks in a variety of flavours.
Yvonne and Richard hope you enjoy our products, available at selected locations in Torbay.
If you do, tell your friends so that we can grow. If you don't, please tell us, so that we can improve. Call on 07791 058070 or email at wellbread.brixham@gmail.com

Friday, 11 September 2015

This Week.

The end of another week here at Well Bread! and the statistics are in. 

This week I made 34 loaves, 12 Crumpets, 24 Scones, 20 Cookies, 24 Rolls, just about average but a few new ideas.

Also I have advance orders for Crumpets, Spelt Sourdough and Teacakes for next week, along with my usual Monday order.

My new product this week was a Spelt Sourdough Baguette, well more accurately a ficelle or flute since it was shorter and thinner than a traditional French loaf.

I made these with the 2-4-6 method, allowing the dough a 24 hour rise after folding,

After initial folds

24 Hours later

Good Bubbles
The dough was then shaped,


and baked.

I delivered them to Oats (Only 3, this was a test) and they were sold pretty sharpish.  Apparently two people fought over them, Oh dear! I guess that means I will have to make more next week, sigh.

In other news I tried a new idea to make a round Pizza base, this time I rolled the dough and cut it with a cake tin turned upside down. It seemed to work OK as the base was actually circular when I pre-baked it.

My other loaves were made as usual, I did receive one complaint when I delivered them, I was told that they don't keep for more than 3 days. Since I am still eating one I made on the 4th I think they must be storing them incorrectly but hey I only make them.

Here are a few action pictures from this weeks performance.

White Sourdough ready for an overnight prove.

The next morning.
The loaves.

In preparation for my upcoming talk at Oats in Bolton Street (28th Oct, T.B.C.) I had a practise at making one of the things I will be demonstrating.

They are White Dinner Rolls made in under an hour and illustrate all the techniques I've picked up to make my life easier.

Don't miss the talk if you want to know how to get fresh bread with little effort, of course it won't be as little effort as buying a loaf of mine! 

Details will be available soon from Oats 

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