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We also make savoury snacks in a variety of flavours.
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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

200 Not out (And a new Flour)

This is my 200th post on the Well Bread! blog. If you've read them all; well done. If not, some of them are actually interesting!

This time, and in response to a request, I have tried a new type of Flour. Buckwheat rolls for a regular customer, one who is always asking me to push the boundaries a bit.

I made a 100% Buckwheat dough, actually its more like a thick batter, and divided it into rolls. It wouldn't stand on its own so I had to use moulds. Of course I didn't have 6 the same so used a mixture.

After letting them rise I baked them and none stuck.

They look OK but I'm not sure if they are really what is required, still its an experiment.

I've also caught myself out. I changed the way I made the Spelt loaves but didn't bother asking if anyone minded. So now I have to make two different Spelt recipes as some customers like one type and some the other. Talk about making work for myself.

I'm also taking some samples round tomorrow, to a local business that makes Chutneys and Pesto. They were using a well known brand of Crackers for tasting, I'm hoping to persuade them to use my Wholemeal Sourdough ones.

I'm also taking a Plain White Focaccia,

and a small Rye Loaf.

Not forgetting a Pesto roll made with one of their products. Just to show them what I can do.

And I made a Sweet Potato Sourdough as well, it was a bit runny but actually made nice rolls after I had folded a bit of strength into it. The recipe came from Carol Lee on Perfect Sourdough and can be found here.


I cut it a bit warm, hence the line at the bottom. Now we will have to see what the customers think.

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