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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Teresa's Sourdoughs

I've been following Teresa Greenways course on Udemy, "Bake real Artisan Sourdough Bread" and very good it is too.

She has put up a recipe for 100% hydration Wholemeal Sourdough and I fancy a go at that. I need 500g of starter so I need to build it up, starting this morning with 50g made to 150. Tonight I will half it to 75g then build it to 225g. In the morning I will make the 225g  into 600g and use it at lunchtime. The spare will go to make some scones. 

I hope that's not too complicated, it's all about maintaining a 100% hydration starter, so the flour and water are equal. It caused me a lot of grief at first but once it clicks it's logical. For every gram of starter, you need to feed with one of flour and one of water and that's it.

So as not to waste the oven time, I'm doing her Alaskan Sourdough as well.

I mixed both and left them for 2 hours,

100% Wholemeal

then I folded them both, the White was quite stiff and the Wholemeal a bit runny but they both folded reasonably well. I left them another hour and did it again.


 As you can see, they are getting smoother and the Wholemeal is developing a strength in its structure. Next time I looked the Alaska passed a windowpane test so I will shape it in another hour. They can prove in the kitchen for 3 hours then go in the fridge overnight.


You can see the bubbles in the dough, I degassed them a bit but I want some aeration. 

Next morning (well this morning actually) they went straight from the fridge to a 250°C oven, on baking stones.

and after 35 minutes looked pretty good, 

maybe not much spring on the Wholemeal but it still looks nice.

I let them cool for an hour and sliced to check the crumb out.

They look alright, and the taste is up to standard.

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  1. Your bread is lovely. The lower loaf is my favorite. Thank you for sharing your
    love for bread baking. Continued success.