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Friday, 17 October 2014

F Bread and Ciabatta

Someone I know will not say Focaccia, I think they are worried that it may come out rude! So they call it F Bread.

What ever you call it, it's a great bread to have with soup, or pasta and sauce because its so absorbent, you can really clean the bowl with it.

For me that's the best part, giving the bowl a good wipe and not missing a drop. We don't do it in this country but go to Italy or Spain and you'll see restaurants full of people wiping the last of the sauce from their plates with a hunk of bread.

Anyhow, I made a focaccia with Wessex Mills 'Mediterranean' flour blend, it has all sorts of goodies mixed into the flour, Red Chopped Peppers, Kibbled Onions and Oregano.

Mediterranean Bread Flour 1.5kg

I also add 20g of Coarse Semolina per 500g of flour, to give a crunch, and use 350ml warm water and 50ml Olive oil, along with the yeast and salt. Other than that it's a straight focaccia method.

As you can see it has a good open crumb, with interesting bits in it.

I found a new Ciabatta recipe on monday, with a very wet pre-ferment that you leave for 24 hours,


24 Hours later.
 After adding the rest of the ingredients and proving, I shaped the loaves,

then baked,

They look like a success, guess I'll be adding the recipe to my file.

My next challenge is to make a sourdough doughnut, I'm hoping to be able to make a baked version, in an attempt to be slightly healthier (I can put more topping on a baked one without feeling guilty) maybe filled with home made jam. It's good to have a project.

Finally heres a picture of my bread bin, well stocked with Focaccia, Ciabatta and Sourdough Crumpets, that should keep us going over the next few days.

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