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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Saturday Project, Baked or Fried? Plus Fruit and Nut bread.

The days when I'm not baking for customers, I like to try something different. This saturday I had two projects that I wanted to try, one that I have been meaning to do for a while and one that I only found this week.

I had to start my prep on Friday, when I got my sourdough starter Hortense out of the fridge and woke her up. I fed her twice on friday and by saturday morning she was raring to go.

What I wanted to try was sourdough doughnuts, I had seen the recipe ages ago but never got round to it. I wanted to see if I could bake them, so I divided the dough and tried both ways.

 Oh and here's the Baked one looking sad......Healthy but sad.

As you can see, you can't bake this particular recipe, so fried it will have to be in future. I had a look inside one and it had puffed up perfectly,

Now I just need a thing to fill them with jam..

Now for Part 2

Here's the address of a superb website, and the place I found my next recipe.(Well spotted Yvonne!)


I don't need to tell you all the details because its so well done over there but take it from me, and from Yvonne and from Norma our neighbour and from Phillip her husband (I think you get the idea) that the Bread is amazing, I made it in a springfrom tin in the end as it seemed a little loose for a freeform loaf but that was probably something I did (without my glasses on.

Ready for the second rise

Oven ready

The bread was really nice buttered.

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